The Ward House
Society Offices and Archives

The Neenah Historical Society offices and research library are located in the historic Fourtth Ward building, now located at 343 Smith Street, adjacent to the Hiram Smith Octagon House.

The Ward House was constructed around 1912 and served for many years as a neighborhood polling place. Jim Draeger, architectural historian at The Wisconsin Historical Society says of our Ward House:

"The building is remarkably intact and appears to have never been altered in any fashion since its construction. Such an original state is rarely ever seen in public buildings, which are often repeatedly altered over the course of their history. Although this is an early 20th century building, in my experience it is an exceedingly rare building type and of great local importance."

The building was moved to Smith Street in 2001 from its former location at the corner of Van and Adams streets. In the 1990s and earlier it was used to store the city's Christmas decorations. The building was previously located on Harrison Street, where it served as an overflow classroom fo McKinley School and also as the temporary first home of Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church.